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A blog dedicated to highlighting the local nonprofit scene, written by a professional visual storyteller with the purpose of celebrating and spreading awareness of the stunning work being done to better our community and further the health of humanity.

It's Progress, Not Perfection (Yet) - I Love A Clean San Diego Inspires a Conservation Lifestyle

In this edition of The Village Visionary, I speak with Ian Monahan, Philanthropy & Marketing Manager of I Love a Clean San Diego. This organization has been restoring and enhancing the beautiful environs of San Diego County for over six decades, as well as educating people about conservation and sustainability! Ian and I had a lovely chat that I think will be inspiring to anyone who desires to go green. Read on!

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It's a Circus Out There! - A Peek Behind the Curtain of The Circus Collective of San Diego

y guest for this post is Ehrick Costello of The Circus Collective of San Diego, a performing arts group whose mission is to make contemporary circus arts accessible to the community in unexpected ways. The brainchild of aerial artists Zoe Irvine and Danielle Berg, the Collective officially became a nonprofit in 2015. The members perform their art not in a circus tent or huge arena, as you might expect, but in unusual spaces, such as galleries, theaters, community centers, library annexes and the like. The group aims to foster creative freedom of expression among their members, promote cross-disciplinary collaboration with other artists (such as dancers, musicians, and spoken word poets), and to give emerging circus artists the chance to blossom. Their shows are sometimes educational, sometimes a commentary on society, and sometimes just plain fun! With every performance they bring artfully crafted, original entertainment to our community. What they bring to the table is inspiring, uplifting, and downright delightful! 

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